I entrusted my writing to Claire because of her literary experience and enthusiasm for my work. Her input on my novel—both encouraging and critical, broad and specific—was invaluable. In addition to helping me see both the strengths and weaknesses of my work, she empowered me with confidence as I started on revisions.
— Heather Harwood, YA writer
This was such a revelatory experience, it was a reboot in every way. A deepening and reawakening of things that had been lulled for some time...such deep bows of gratitude for Claire and her brain baby of this retreat. So so needed.
— Writer Reboot Attendee
Claire is a huge talent who focuses in on key points and brings in important strategies that will strengthen your writing. After working with her, I left with detailed helpful notes about how to improve my prose and shape my stories. You will find her to be a delight to listen to and work with on your writing.
— John W. Creswell, PhD, writer, academic
I trust Claire with my writing completely. She has the rare gift of being able to offer feedback that not only improves my work but makes me feel confident and comfortable. I’ve seen her do this for many other writers over the years. She brings out the best of everyone she works with.
— Alison Bach, fiction writer
Claire was amazing. Great energy and still created space for others to occupy and explore. The session was well organized and filled the time appropriately...I always appreciate when an event reminds me that there is joy in writing.
— Write NOW Attendee
Claire Campbell is a keeper, she was as good as anybody I have had at any of the workshops I have attended and would very much like to work with her again.
— Nature Writing in Genre Fiction Attendee
Claire led an absolutely amazing Writing the Land workshop. I enjoyed it immensely and hope to see her teachings offered again in the future.
— Writing the Land Attendee
Claire was fantastic! She led the discussions and directed us exactly where we needed...Perfect balance of lecture, writing time, prompts, and discussion.
— Writer Reboot Attendee