Claire’s approach to teaching and mentoring is all about embracing writers' strengths, channeling creative instincts, and providing a fresh perspective on a work in progress.

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Private mentoring

Claire enjoys working with writers to revise and revitalize manuscripts. She also helps writers define a daily writing practice tailored to the individual creative. Private mentoring includes:

  • A full read of your work-in-progress + comments in the manuscript itself
  • An editorial feedback letter
  • Reading suggestions + writing exercises
  • An hour-long meeting (in-person or via Skype) to discuss feedback.

Please contact Claire to discuss rates.

Writing and storytelling workshops

In this four-hour workshop, Claire will lead your team in a variety of exercises designed to uncover the creative within. This workshop helps communications professionals, nonprofit development teams, and anyone trying to tell their work's story. Participants walk away with a plan for implementing new strategies into their daily work lives.

Please contact Claire to discuss rates.

Social media workshops

Social media is changing all the time, but no matter what, two things—generosity and authenticity—reign supreme! This workshop helps folks determine who they are and what their audience wants. This workshop is all about storytelling—we’ll do a lot of writing and a little bit of research. Participants will walk away with actionable goals to apply what they’ve brainstormed/learned/discovered.

Please contact Claire to discuss rates.